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Base Thermals Fights for the Consumer!

The History of the “Long John” As it turns out, “Long Johns” have a fascinating history, one that has the most pugilistic of origins. Big John Sullivan, aka “The Boston Strong Boy,” was known for a bare-knuckled punch that could send an opponent to his knees. This marauder is also recognised as the last bare-knuckle […]

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Layering Clothes for Winter

Winter in New Zealand can be harsh. But we still love it right? There’s nothing quite like heading out for a hike or watching the kids sport on the sideline. But staying warm really is the make or break factor for a successful winters day outdoors. The weather in New Zealand can go below zero […]

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Latest Kiwi’s to Conquer Everest

You may not have heard of Brian “Daggy” Dagg, but he is slowly becoming a household name, especially down in rural Queenstown where he is gaining legend status for his risky mountain climbing endeavours. “With risk comes reward,” Dagg quipped to One News recently following his latest journey to the top of Everest. Who is […]

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Puffer Jackets

When it comes to winter outerwear, you want to make sure that you are covering your body with nothing but the best. We all know how bad the weather can get at times, especially in New Zealand, and it’s better to be fully clothed than to be left shaking in your boots outside. If you’re […]

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Merino Wool 101

With all the rage going around town and everybody jumping on the bandwagon to wear the latest fad in merino wool, it’s hard not to get enamoured with the incredulous bounty of Merino wool. If you were oblivious to where the merino hails from, you should know that Merino is one of the most ancient […]

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What makes a good thermal?

Whether it’s a thermal shirt, leggings, intimates or accessories, most people tend to prioritise aesthetics over function without knowing that you can actually have both without compromising the other. Thermal clothing were essentially created to retain one’s body heat during cold temperatures and are used as a base layer when dressing in specific weathers. When […]

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